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Welcome LiveOps Independent Agents!

Call One and LiveOps have collaborated to provide a safe and trustworthy location to order telephone headsets and accessories.

Call One is a Nationally Certified Women's Business Enterprise that has been providing telecom products for over 20 years. Call One is a national distributor of all major headset brands, including Plantronics, GN Jabra, Sennheiser, and VXi.

On this site you will find approved headsets compatible with your make and model telephone which will help you to be more comfortable and productive. The Call One - LiveOps site will allow you to place orders, and point you in the right direction when you need technical support and customer service.

If you are unable to locate a specific product in the catalog, please contact Laurie Stief at

Headsets 101

In order for your headset to work, you will need the following items...

  1. Dial pad must be on the base of the phone - not on the handset
  2. The Handset must be modular (little white plastic clip) and removable from base of telephone.
  3. *If the above 2 items are true - you can use a telephone headset!*


Call One would like you to be aware of the special offers they are making available to all LiveOps agents! Please remember that LiveOps is only communicating these offers and that any business you do with Call One is between yourself and Call One. By accepting an offer from a vendor, you agree to the terms and conditions of the offer, as stated below and on the Call One's website. LiveOps makes no representations or warranties regarding this or any other vendors products.

These offers are solely intended to be for the use of LiveOps active independent agents. Any other use of these offers is strictly prohibited and will be in violation of your Independent Contractor Agreement. LiveOps reserves the right to pursue all remedies if a violation of the Agreement occurs. Unless otherwise noted by the vendor, item limit is one per person and resale of any discounted product is strictly prohibited.


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    If you are unable to locate a specific product in the LiveOps catalog, please contact Laurie Stief at 1-800-749-3160 x139

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